📌 I didn’t get my invitation mail/link. What do I do?

All participants were sent a unique link for them to access the virtual event platform from Airmeet <info@airmeet.com> with a subject line “Registration Confirmation for Regional Scrum Gathering”. If you are not finding it, please re-check Spam folder. Even if you are unable to trace it, please drop us a mail at <support@acusbus.com> and we will try to help you ASAP.

📌 I have booked the slot for 2 days. 29th and 30th January. But received confirmation and meeting link of Airmeet for 29th.

Please do not worry! The same link is valid for both the days i.e. for the entire event!

📌 Do we need a software to attend this Airmeet event?

No, Airmeet works perfectly fine on all your modern-day browsers and does not need any software or extensions.

📌 How do I grant camera and mic permission?

Please find details here

📌 Which browsers are supported?

Airmeet supports all modern browsers. However, it is recommended to use the latest version of Chrome for the best experience.

📌 Will I be able to use my mobile to participate on Airmeet?

The mobile experience is currently limited to only consumption of live stream, and the interactive features are not accessible. We recommend that you use a desktop or laptop with a stable internet connection. The event is best experienced on Chrome.

📌 Why am I getting frequently disconnected?

Please make sure you are not using the same link on multiple devices simultaneously. Close multiple sessions and try refreshing your browser.

📌 “Raise Hand”- what is that?

Participants may interact, ask questions, and share ideas with speakers via the “Raise Hand” feature. The host controls this interaction. The host receives participants’ requests and hands the mic to participants to join the speaker on the stage. Other participants get to see the video of the participant on stage with the speaker. Participants can leave the stage after the interaction.

📌 Are these sessions getting recorded?

Yes – these will be recorded.

📌 Do we get access to the recorded sessions?

This is being discussed and we will explore if we could share these in the near future.

📌 What is the Lounge for?

Lounge is the space where the participant can be seated at virtual tables, and interact with people in the same table. People can also move between tables to meet and join interactions in other tables.

📌 Do you need help on Airmeet?

Please connect here: https://help.airmeet.com/hc 👈