Lyubomir Mihaylov

Lyubomir is an experienced Agile professional with a main focus on Digital Transformations, Process improvements, helping teams and organisations to be more effective and efficient. Main experiences have taken him around the world (Europe, Asia, Middle East) to be part of various projects designed to enhance digital transformations while providing training and professional development opportunities in Agile methodology.

Roles that Lyubomir took (up to senior executive level) required him to analyse many entities in the business organisations in order to help with building robust teams to maximise efficiency and communication through collaboration and teamwork, OKRs, etc. Through organised coaching sessions, presentations, demonstrations and workshops up to C-level, Lyubomir was able to effectively communicate business objectives and design portfolio/program/project initiatives while maintaining compliance with risk management procedures and corporate standards. Through proven leadership, Lyubomir efforts have allowed him to build, motivate, and enhance diverse organisations based on trust and accountability.